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“Dear Bruce,
I wanted to write you and tell you how well the solar system we had installed last year is working. Since our tracking system was installed it has worked flawlessly, providing a constant flow of power that we have banked throughout the year and are now able to tap during the hot summer months.
The system has exceeded its rating of 2500 watts during clear cool days and even produces some power in a complete cloud cover. I am really glad that I chose to get the tracking system through PowerHouse Solar because of the excellent workmanship and complete job that was done installing the system.
I have had an opportunity to look at other systems in our area and they don’t compare to the excellent workmanship, product quality, and follow-up support that we have received from you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a solar power system.
I know that they would be completely satisfied with the performance and independence it provides from the utility system. As the cost of oil and other types of energy rise, I know that a solar system will become an even better investment and provide a greater returns. Feel free to use me as a reference and our system as an example of your solar systems.”

Brian Green