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A Chico Solar Panel Installation Company
PowerHouse Solar is the most trusted and reliable solar installation company in Chico, servicing both home and business owners who are looking for quality solar applications. Our trained and experienced technicians provide superior service throughout the installation process and beyond.

We offer many solar system options, including hot water, electric, pool heating, off-grid and hybrid, ensuring that each of our clients find just the right products to meet their needs. Our experts will carefully consider the layout and location of your residential or commercial building as well as your investment goals before suggesting a uniquely designed system guaranteed to satisfy industry and customer standards.

Having a PowerHouse Solar application installed will save you money in utility costs, reduce your carbon footprint and allow you a favorable tax deduction. No project is too big or small for us to take on, and regardless of your budget, we are committed to finding you a solar system that will achieve your objectives. Even if you find the upfront costs to be intimidating, there are financing options available that make it easy for anyone to invest in a solar solution.

All of our products are warrantied and maintained by our expert technicians, who make customer satisfaction a priority. PowerHouse Solar is Chico’s premier solar installation company for new and existing structures. Speak with one of our specialists today for more information and to request your free estimate. Call (530) 343-1377.

Serving Chico

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